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The ESP8266 is a wireless mini-computer for about US$2 per piece[1]. For this single board computer there is no keyboard, no mouse and no screen. This computer is operated via Android or iPhone apps or via a web browser. It is - due to its price - best to implement the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).

Only connectors for keyboard, mouse or screen are more expensive than this whole computer usually. Of course a power supply and peripherals must be connected. It´s the same with the more powerful and around 20 times more expensive Raspberry Pi.

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  • Torsten Crull

    There are several internet forums and wikis about the ESP866. Problems with forums are:

    • The same question is often asked multiple times.
    • You have to read a long discussion, to find your answer, or even to find out, that the question isn't answered.
    • Outdated informations are not marked as 'arcive'.
    • (You know what I mean. I don't continue here.)

    Internet forums are good to ask questions, to announce news, to discuss different solutions or to discuss about content of an existing wiki article. But the result should be added to a wiki, thereby other readers find the answers and results quickly.

    Books and PDFs are nice also. But You can't directly link to a specific bookmark or chapter and you can't contribute comments or improvements

    But which wiki sho…

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  1. Source: AliExpress, Septemper 2015

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